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Operations Team

The Operations team is the heart of the business. We are the team that provide the direct care to the wonderful people we support. We are there day and night, every day, enabling them to live their best possible lives. How we do that is as unique as the individual. 


The Operations Team is led by Anita Warner, Head of Operations who oversees the Regional Area and Operations Managers. We lead by example and our absolute priority is to make sure everyone we support is safe, happy and living a life that makes sense to them. We all have a shared ethos and strongly believe in including everyone we support in every way we can from local forum groups, to coffee mornings, from finding employment to ensuring everyone reaches their full potential.  


Anita Warner

Head of Operations


Novlette Thomas

Operations Manager

Gino Rehability WS (1).png

Gino Galos

Care Homes Operations Manager

John Begbour

Regional Operations Manager

Jayne Eeles (1).jpg

Jayne Eeles

Operational Support Manager and Data Protection Officer

Andy Cole Rehability WS.png

Andy Cole 

Peripatetic Manager South 

Nigel Humphrey

Registered Area Manager – East Midlands

Tracey Redfern

Registered Area Manager - Worcestershire

Rob Davin Rehability WS (1).png

Rob Davin

Regional Area Manager - South West 

Katie Brown

Registered Area Manager - West Midlands 

Natasha Bone 

Registered Area Manager – Gloucestershire

Alita Locke

Registered Area Manager – Bornel Care

Rehma Kizito

Registered Manager – Essex

Mary Moore

Service Manager – Hertfordshire

Juliet Morris

Service Manager – Gloucestershire

Rachel O'Niell

Registered Manager – Gloucestershire

Jayne Croyden

Registered Manager – Dorset

Karen Walker

Registered Manager – Surrey

Julie Tolly

Registred Manager – Hertfordshire

Juliette Lenevu

Registred Manager - Worcestershire

Louise Minshell

Service Manager – Gloucestershire

Kashia Wyczesana

Registered Manager – Berkshire

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