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Accredo is part of the Rehability UK family, a leading group of community care and supported living providers specialising in the provision of autism, mental health, physical and learning disability care recovery pathways.

Accredo utilises bespoke care packages to recognise individual qualities, enabling the people we support to achieve their best in a safe and liberating environment. Working with trusted partners, our services are purpose- built and are located in areas that reflect the importance of privacy but fulfil the need for community integration.

Industry Awards/Standards  

Accredo are committed to the delivery of quality and innovative services, we work collaboratively with other organisations and statutory bodies to ensure that we always strive to operate at the highest standard. This is reflected through complimentary feedback following regular contracts monitoring programmes delivered by local authorities and the support and development opportunities provided to our staff has been recognised through our Industry Awards, awarded by Leicester College.

Accredo Services

Accredo provides care and support for adults who want to lead an independent and fulfilling life. Often just a little extra help is all that’s needed for someone to achieve this. We are committed to putting people who use our services in control, and encourage the people we support and family involvement in service design. 

Accredo provides Community Participation, Outreach, Day Services and activities and Supported Living services, designed to meet the needs of people with a diverse range of needs (including adults of all ages, people with a Learning Disability, people with Mental Health needs, autism and physical disabilities). Support is Person Centered and tailored to the individual’s own requirements. 

We provide full and flexible support services:

  •  Services are provided up to 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, providing support during both the day and night time

  •  Supported living services

  •  Accredo Link Day Opportunities and activities


Accredo offer the chance to develop a Person Centered Plan with alternatives to traditional services, and will develop a variety of ‘in house’ and community based activities that enable the person to develop their quality of life, skills and potential.

We help people with:

  •  Looking after their house/flat 

  •  Being a tenant

  •  Learning to do things like cooking, shopping and cleaning

  •  Making choices and speaking up

  •  Managing challenges and coping with change

  •  Meeting other people

  •  Celebrating culture and religion

  •  Doing your hobbies or finding new ones

  •  Taking medication

  •  Visiting health professionals

  •  Keeping fit and healthy

  •  Keeping safe

  •  Using transport

  •  Going to college or work

  •  Supporting you with your money

At Accredo we recognise that each individual is unique, and this is shown in how we deliver outcomes through all activities, as appropriate to each person we support. 

Supported Accommodation

Both our single and mixed gender homes support adults with a range of mental health and learning disability needs. Through a personalised approach to care, we offer people a direct and effective supported living service.

Our modern environments promote well-being, security and the opportunity to develop the daily living skills necessary to provide a pathway and transition to successful community living.

Whatever the requirements, our services are designed to meet the needs of the service user and are conveniently located so they can be close to friends and family, have access to local shops and amenities, and commute to work with ease.

Key Features include: 

  •  A safe and homely environment

  •  Outcomes-focused

  •  Choice and autonomy

  •  Person-centred

  •  Recognition and respect for cultural and religious needs

  •  Maximising one’s potential

  •  Well trained staff to support individuals to reach their goals

  •  Community engagement and integration

  •  Bespoke activity planning

Accredo can give high quality support because :

  • People receive support from the members of staff whose skills, interests and knowledge are the most appropriate to help them fulfil their needs and wishes. The people we support and families can help with recruiting staff and telling us about our services. 

  • Accredo staff receive a wide range of training and take a person centred approach, putting the people we support at the core of their work. 

  • Accredo Managers lead and help staff to get the job right and check that we are providing quality services and outcomes for individuals. 

  • Our electronic rota systems mean the right staff are with you are the right time and won’t let you down.

  • We can deliver services via a variety of types of funding including Direct Payments and Individual Budgets. Hourly rates and individual costs are available upon request.

Meet The Manager


Working in care was something I always wanted to do, after working in manufacturing for 20 years I decided to take a change in my career to do what I always had a passion for.

I feel the rewards of supporting individuals and staff to make a positive step forward on their journey gives me a sense of purpose in life.


I feel it is important in life not to say why something can’t happen but to work as a team to ensure something does happen., I always look for the positive in every situation and every day is a good day to learn.

Nigel Humphrey - Registered Area Manager

What Managers Say

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