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Autism Therapy


Autism is unique from one person to the next, and our approach to housing and community care is no different. Our leading support team can offer round-the-clock care, social support, or planned visits to best meet the needs of the individual.

We work with adults on the autism spectrum to improve their quality of life, whether that’s taking up new activities, exploring work opportunities or adapting their environment to make them feel comfortable in their own home.


We understand that life can be challenging for people with autism, sometimes socially, emotionally or physically, so we are here to provide the support needed to live life to the fullest.

Love Yourself

Mental Health

Our aim is to make the people we support feel in control of their future, by setting up individuals to succeed at every step.


We enable them to feel self-confident and empowered to make positive decisions about their lives, and so step back into the world feeling stronger.

Learning Disabilities

We believe that a life lived with a learning disability shouldn’t be a lesser one. We support those with needs both great and small to take back control and live their very best life.


Our goal is to promote an independent lifestyle, and fill in the gaps when we’re needed: this could be helping with communication, cooking, cleaning, going out with friends or exploring education and work opportunities.

Chalkboard with Different Languages

How we do it 

Supported Living

In supported living, the adults we care for choose where they live and who they live with. It might be on their own, with someone else or with others. Rehability UK can help you find the right place, with the help of our Housing Trust Partners, and we can develop the right support package with you.

People sometimes think that supported living is just for adults who only need a couple of hours support a day, but that isn’t the case at all! Your support package is to meet your needs, and we can provide up to twenty-four hour support if that is what you need.

Generally, the individual is in receipt of an individual budget funded via their local or health authority (occasionally it is self-funded) which they then use to purchase support from us. This varies for each individual: some adults we support need just a few hours a week, some need more.


We can provide support for all sorts of reasons, from helping to form friendships and socialise, to support with daily living tasks. Each individual support package is bespoke, tailored to that person.

Residential Care

Our residential care homes provide an all-in-one package of support and a place to live. All your food and bills are included in the package, and there are staff available all the time. This is usually funded by the Local Authority and/or NHS for adults who have complex and long-term needs for support.

We also provide respite care within a number of our residential homes for when the individual’s usual caregivers aren’t able to provide support.


Respite programs provide planned short-term and time-limited breaks for families, and other unpaid care givers of adults with an intellectual disability, and adults with cognitive loss in order to support and maintain the primary caregiving relationship.


Respite also provides a positive experience for the person receiving care. The services that currently offer respite care are: in Gloucestershire, West Midlands, Devon. 

Day Centre

Rehabilitation and Recovery

Our day centre’s purpose is to engage adults who have various learning or physical disabilities in activities that will encourage creativity, enhance their quality of life and build on life skills.


Our focus is to enrich the lives of the adults we support by integrating them into the community and provide person centred, day to day activities and events. All staff are trained to support to a high standard and the centre can accommodate a range of complex needs. 

Our day centre facilitates regular outings based on building on relationships with peers and engaging in community activity. This gives the adults we support a chance to experience enjoyable activities out in the community to create happy memories with the friends they have made here at the centre.


Some examples of the many activities our service users enjoy are; cinema, bowling, shopping, golf and much more. We also provide daily activities as well as monthly events for the adults we support.

Our rehabilitation and recovery services provide a safe and nurturing environment for adults with complex enduring mental illness and learning disabilities who may have stepped down from secure services or other locked rehabilitation services. Our clinical interventions aim to help adults in our care to rebuild their lives so that they can regain their place in the community.

Rehability UK are committed to working with the adults we support to create positive, effective outcomes that fulfil our Mission: “Enabling people to achieve their full potential by creating opportunities for individual growth and development.”

In our Recovery and Rehabilitation services, we are using the innovative Outcomes Star System to help us to help the adults we support to be able to live their best lives. The Recovery Star is designed to help service users and service providers work in a constructive partnership toward achieving greater well-being and self-determination. 

It supports the striving towards developing our practice, and make sure that we don’t stand still; It also means that Stakeholders can monitor and evaluate the service we provide more readily.

For more information on the Recovery Star please go to description.

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