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Children's Day Celebration

Thurmaston Day Centre

Our mission

Our mission here at Thurmaston day centre is to engage adults who have various learning or physical disabilities in activities that will encourage creativity, enhance their quality of life and build on life skills.


Our focus is to enrich the lives of the people we support by integrating them into the community and provide person centred, day to day activities and events.


All staff are trained to support to a high standard and the centre can accommodate a range of complex needs.

Person centred approach

Here at the centre we believe in a person centred approach, therefore the support we provide and the length of time spent at the centre varies significantly depending on the needs of the individual. We develop bespoke timetables that are suited to each person as well as holding larger events and group activities that are open to everyone. 

Community engagement

Thurmaston day centre facilitates regular outings based on building on relationships with peers and engaging in community activity. This gives the people we support a chance to experience enjoyable activities, out in the community to create happy memories with the friends they have made here at the centre. Some examples of the many activities the people we support enjoy are: cinema, bowling, shopping, golf and much more. 

We are very lucky to have Watermead Park on our doorstep, giving everyone a chance to get out into these beautiful surroundings, every day. Many of the people we support have walking around the park as part of their daily timetable, encouraging health and wellbeing in their daily routine. 


We provide daily activities as well as monthly events. Some examples of these are: 

Sports day – an inclusive day, giving everyone we support a chance to take part in sports events and win prizes. 

Flower arranging – bringing out everyone’s creative side and taking some beautiful arrangements home to families.  

Sensory spa – A regular activity that has benefited all of our service users. Using pressure points to regulate senses and, of course, enjoying the lovely textures and scents. 

Music festival – A summer event held for everyone at the Centre and our other services. Live music, dancing, face painting, food and fancy dress. A chance to enjoy a big event in a safe place.

Cooking and life skills - All the people we support are encouraged and supported to be as independent as possible. This involves being given the opportunity to cook or bake, help to clean up and enjoy food that they have made themselves. 

Sensory room

Our sensory room is available to all the people we support and is included in most of their timetables.There are many benefits to using a sensory room, whether it be calming or stimulating. The sensory room can help develop users’ visual processing abilities as well as their fine and gross motor skills, facilitating day-to-day living.

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Meet the Manager


Working in care was something I always wanted to do, after working in manufacturing for 20 years I decided to take a change in my career to do what I always had a passion for.

I feel the rewards of supporting individuals and staff to make a positive step forward on their journey gives me a sense of purpose in life.


I feel it is important in life not to say why something can’t happen but to work as a team to ensure something does happen., I always look for the positive in every situation and every day is a good day to learn.

Nigel Humphrey - Registered Area Manager

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