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The Rehability Awards for Greatness, gives each employee, service user and their families an opportunity to nominate someone they feel has provide an exceptional service during the year. 

The awards recognise the amazing work our staff do on a daily basis and showcases some of the outstanding commitment each individual delivers. 

The Rehability Awards are held yearly, and we recognise the great work each person does with the following categories:

The categories are:

Support Worker of the Year 

Support workers are the bedrock of everything we aim to achieve: without these frontline heroes, there is no Rehability UK. We salute you. We admire you. We thank you. The winner of this category is a frontline superhero.

Manager of the Year

What a year to have been managing front line services! A normal year is hard enough, with Local Authorities ever increasing expectations and ever decreasing willingness to pay enough for us to do it.

Team of the Year 

There’s no “I” in TEAM, but there is an “I” in INCREDIBLE, and that’s what this group of people are. The individual members have come together to achieve so much more by working as a whole.

Learner of the Year 

The winner of this award has seized the opportunities offered to them with both hands and used them to develop their knowledge, skills base, and their professional practice.

Leader of the Year 

This award goes to the person who has inspired the people in their team to join them in excelling at what they do.

Newcomer of the Year

Some people make an impact right from the beginning. This award is for making a difference to others , and for getting their career with RUK off to a fabulous flying start.


Unsung Hero of the Year 

We all know someone who just cracks on and gets things done, not looking for hurrahs or fanfares. These are very special people, who we rely on and should be celebrated for their quiet dedication.

Outstanding Contribution to Care

In the most difficult year we have all had to face in Care, there have been innumerable stories of staff making exceptional efforts to maintain people’s support. Everyone deserves our heart-felt thanks, but the awards winners amazed the person who nominated them, and us.

Support Service Officer of the Year

Working away in the background, this person has been doing their bit to oil the wheels and help colleagues support our frontline teams.

Support Service Manager of the Year 

Our support service teams are small, but perfectly formed and very good at what they do. Their managers work hard to make sure things go to plan, and this person has done that, with bells on.

Support Service Team of the Year 

Just as we have our frontline support teams in place for our service users, this award is for the people who support the staff teams across the country to be able to do spectacular work they do.

Wyrehurst - Team of the Year 2021
Jayne Eeles - Support Service Officer of the Year 2021
Aaron Clarke - Support Service Manager of the Year 2021
Karen Talbot - Support Worker of the Year 2021
Helen Maxfield - Leader of the Year 2021
Sue Hemming - Manager of the Year 2021
148 Cheltenham Road - Garden of the Year 2021
Unsung Hero's of the Year 2021 Emmanual Ashibor & Maria DaCosta Rios
Sam Dawson - Support Worker of the Year 2021
Marie Bowers Lake - Newcomer of the Year 2021
Sandra Powell - Support Worker of the Year 2021
Quality Team - Support Service Team of the Year