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We provide accommodation for single men and women over 25 who are experiencing or at risk of homelessness through addiction, mental health, domestic violence or family breakdown.


About Us

Rehability UK Support CIC is a supported housing solution designed to help people out of homelessness. We understand that for the chronic homeless, neither permanent housing nor band aid services are the solution, but a model that gives onsite care and support for individuals who are dealing with homelessness, addictions, mental health and domestic violence situations. 


They may have multiple issues that need to be addressed before being able to sustain their own tenancy. Therefore, we provide supported accommodation where physical and mental health issues can be addressed; addictions and trauma worked through with case management and support of local services and training in social skills like budgeting, self-care, food and nutrition can be delivered. We give our clients the best possible chance to get their lives back on track before supporting them to go back out into the world. Without this type of support, we are just setting the homeless up to continue to fail.


What makes us different is that in partnership with our clients, we determine when they are ready to move on and assist them to find appropriate solutions. Through ongoing connection and community, we ensure that our clients are still connected and linked to services if they need them in the future.

Rehability CIC has been set up to continue and work alongside our cluster of companies, which delivers bespoke commissioned care packages for over 800 adults with complex needs such as; Autistic Spectrum Condition, Learning Disability and Mental Health.

We have set up Rehability CIC with the same key values and mission which is to enable the adults we support to live their best possible life.


Our promise is to ensure that the accommodation meets the individuals needs and will provide a safe and warm home environment.

As we have many years experience in the sector, we have strong relationships already with Local Authority Commissioning teams, adult social services, care providers and other professionals. Therefore, we are confident that we can deliver much needed affordable and sustainable accommodation for supported living accommodation. 

In addition to any commissioned care support and supervision our tenants may receive from adult social services, we will also provide a wrap around intensive housing management and tenancy support package. This will be delivered by our dedicated housing team and we will ensure that the properties remain in a good state of repair with our in house maintenance team that will always go the extra mile.

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