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Malvern Crossing

On the grounds of our other residential service Apperley House Is a newly built annex designed specifically to accommodate the people we support with limited mobility and also moderate to severe learning disabilities who will need support and guidance in all aspects of their lives. 

The ground floor area offers two single bedrooms with en-suite wet rooms. All bedrooms exceed 12 sqm of usable floor space. There is also one disabled WC, a utility room, and has a communal lounge with a large specialist sensory floor area, a dining room and kitchen. The office is also based on the ground floor.

The first floor offers five single bedrooms with wet rooms. There is also access to a shared specialist bath with overhead hoisting equipment. To access these bedrooms there is a staircase and a lift.

Both homes have a Listening System installed for the safety and protection of those individuals who need monitoring for seizure activity, respiratory difficulties and/or illness. A separate policy for the use of this system is in place and use of this device is written in the individual care plans.

There is parking available to both properties at the front and the back of the house.

Wherever possible, adaptations will be made to the environment to meet specific identified needs of individuals so as to encourage and maintain independence and service user involvement in a range of tasks, such as daily living skills.

The service at Apperley and Malvern caters for adults with extensive support needs, including with requiring appropriate mobility aids, such as wheelchairs, walkers, standing aids, specialist seating and bathing equipment. Six downstairs bedrooms and the bathroom all have hoisting equipment integral to the rooms. Yet whilst specialist equipment is necessary we feel at Apperley that we also excel in providing that ‘home from home’ feeling.

Both homes have shared use of wheelchair accessible vehicles for outings for shopping and health appointments, and this also enables individuals to access and participate in a range of outdoor activities. 

Individuals who live at Apperley House and Malvern Crossing may have come from a variety of backgrounds and originated from other countries. The people we support may have a diverse range of needs that are presented and identified through their learning disability, physical disability, sensory needs, health needs, (including epilepsy), and communication difficulties. 

Individuals at Apperley House and Malvern Crossing will be empowered to explore and manage a method of communication which is meaningful to them, as most will have no verbal communication skills. The staff team aim to  develop and maintain different methods of communication such as signs and symbols, signing and objects of reference depending on the preferences and needs of the individuals.

At Apperley House and Malvern Crossing we pride ourselves on embracing and promoting individuality, endeavouring to promote a healthy, active and engaging lifestyle whilst supporting individuals who need our support to work competently with the health challenges or physical disabilities that they also face everyday. Both Apperley House and Malvern Crossing have a strong, confident, and competent staff team committed to providing the best care to our individuals so that their experience of living at this home is a positive and rewarding one.

Meet the Manager

I have worked for the company 15yrs this year , starting as support worker , Senior , team leader then team Manager I became Locality Manager in 2022 all for Inclusion Care.

At the moment I am Manager of Malvern Crossing with the possibility of becoming Registered Manager here .

I achieved The Autism Accreditation in 2017 for the company , have level 5 and won Manager of the year 2023 .

I Love working for the company and all the PWS

Juliet Lenevu - Registered Manager

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