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Our aim is to make a daily difference to the lives of people whom we support. We provide comprehensive services for both supported living and outreach support and respite and short break services. We offer a range of other added value services including a day activity programme.

We support Adults aged 18 and upwards with single, dual and multiple diagnosis of learning disabilities, autistic spectrum disorder, Asperger’s, mental health needs, acquired brain injury and physical disabilities. We are highly skilled in being able to support individuals with complex and challenging needs in order to improve outcomes.

Support is tailored to individual needs and circumstances, with an emphasis on independent living, increasing skills and promoting personal autonomy. We have a daily activities programme, workshops and work training programme. Activities include the use of community resources such as access to leisure centres for Pilates classes or fitness sessions, nature walks and photography, arts and crafts, fishing, painting and decorating, woodwork and pottery. Some may be able to go to work,  while others enjoy work experience and  socialise by playing a game of pool or meeting friends for coffee in one of the shared kitchen areas.

In everything we do, we are committed to maximising independence and opportunity in the lives of the people we support. Our person-centred approach provides bespoke, individualised support, focused on empowering each person we work with to achieve their full potential and enjoy the best possible quality of life.

Our experienced management team are able to complete detailed risk assessments and support plans and work closely with the individual, their families and professionals in order to enhance well-being.

We have services in both North and South Devon, if you are looking for an area not mentioned, please get in touch and we will be happy to help you in any way we can.


Meet the Manager

Rob Davin Profile picture_edited.jpg

I worked in Health & Social Care for 17 years before managing services with Children and Young Adults in Care. Then, I moved into management for Supported Living and Registered Care Homes (adults) PMLD (Profound and Multiple Learning Disability).

Communication is at the heart of what I do, helping me understand how my colleagues feel professionally and personally, and I am always here to support them. I am always open to feedback as I like to foster a culture of continual development for myself and others. Positivity is my watchword, and I prefer to find solutions and strategies to help everyone grow, develop and support.

I am the proud Father of five daughters, and the other male in our house is Dexter, my sidekick cockapoo, the best exercise machine. I love living in the South West as it’s home to the best surfing in the UK, and football and cycling keep me busy on land. My final passion is Wesh Rugby, and many a Sunday, you will hear me cry out, “Dewch ymlaen, Cymru”! (Come on, Wales)!

Rob Davin  - Regional Area Manager

What Managers Say

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